How To: Bathe your cat

Bathe your cat

This video demonstrates how to bathe a cat. It's a cat's worst nightmare. To make it easier, first be sure the water temperature is warm and constant. Put the cat in the tub and get him wet with the sprayers warm water. Protect the cats eyes at all time. Apply cat shampoo liberally and rub it in good. Then apply conditioner to the cats' fur to help detangle and conditon it. Rinse really well with warm, steady stream of water. Then use a warmed up towel to wrap around the cat. This will help dry the cat and keep his body temperature up. You can use a regular hair dryer on a low setting to dry the cat while it sits on the towel. Use a wide toothed comb to help expedited the process.

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I think it is safer to just wipe your cat, clean her ears, trim and brush than putting them to this. Some cats really hate water and even the most docile one can turn very nasty and give you a hell of a scratch in the face or arms.

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