How To: Clip your cat's claws without getting scratched

Clip your cat's claws without getting scratched

Cats do NOT like it when someone else touches their paws. And it's quite difficult to get a cat to do something it doesn't want to do. But sometimes, claws just need to get clipped. Here's how to clip your cats' claws without dying.


Wow it took 3 minutes just to get to picking up the cat! Filmmed too far away and if you're only doing the back claws its not all that helpful since cats don't mind you touching their back paws - They do mind you trying to touch or handle their front claws. D+ on this. Sorry.

I sure hope you didn't declaw your cats. It's akin to chopping off a human's fingertips and causes lots of problems. The practice is condemned by the AVMA, HSUS, ASPCA and even many countries who have banned it. If you adopted them already declawed, then good on ya for keeping them safe indoors. But, all declawed cat owners need to be ready for issues that are likely to crop up at some point, especially behavioral since they've lost one of their primary methods of defense and the procedure is often botched, leading to a lifetime of pain. Please also check out for good information.

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