How To: Bathe your pet cat

Bathe your pet cat

Joey Garr demonstrates how to give your cat a bath. For this operation you will need to have ready a towel, Q-Tips, shampoo, a cup and some treats. It's a good idea to clip his nails a bit to avoid being scratched. Gently but firmly place him carefully into the sink and turn the water on very slowly. Turn him around so he doesn't see the water and give him time to get used to it. Avoid getting soap in the mouth and eye area. Fill the cup with water and pour it over him, add shampoo and lather it up. If he hates the water it's a good idea to have someone help you. Rinse the soap off by pouring water over him with the cup. Put him on the towel and dry him off. Carefully clean the outer ears with a Q-Tip. When he is dry give him a good brushing.

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