How To: Deactivate (i.e. Calm Down) Your Crazy Cat in Seconds Using This Simple Trick

Deactivate (i.e. Calm Down) Your Crazy Cat in Seconds Using This Simple Trick

Cats. Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit—they've got minds of their own. While this makes them incredibly entertaining at times, it can also cause tons of issues for their owners. Trying to "train" a cat is usually an exercise in futility.

This is because cats are solitary animals, so unlike a dog, your cat doesn't see you as the leader of its pack. Clipping its nails, getting it into a carrier, and taking it to vet appointments are activities that can result in a very grumpy kitty, and probably a few scratches (at least).

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If you've tried everything short of sedatives to calm down your feline friend to no avail, you might be surprised to learn that the answer may have been sitting in your desk drawer all along.

All you need to hack your cat is a binder clip.

Now, before you freak out, a 2008 study by the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine deemed this to be "an effective and pain-free way to humanely hold cats that might otherwise put up a fuss."

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If you've ever seen a mother cat carry her kittens around by the scruffs of their necks, this trick may not surprise you too much. In fact, that's why it works—it triggers the same instinctive response.

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The clip is placed directly behind the cat's ears, right in the middle of its neck. It looks like it would hurt—and for a human, it would—but the study found that the intensity of the sensation from the clip was about the same as what you or I would feel from a blood pressure cuff. Actually, it would take 6 times as much pressure to do any damage.

The technique is called pinch-induced behavioral inhibition (PIBI), or "clipnosis," and there's even a patent-pending product made specifically for this purpose. 30 of the 31 cats in the study showed a positive response, and some even started purring after the clip was in place.

If you want to try this at home, it might be a good idea to talk to your vet first and see if you can get a demonstration on the exact placement. Again, you won't hurt your cat, but it may not be too happy with you if you don't do it properly.

If you don't have any binder clips, a few clothespins might do the trick.

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Do you have any tricks that make nail trimming and car rides easier? Share them in the comments below.

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This is so funny. I know its true. I've been a cat owner for over 45 years but its just funny to see it done with clips.

It makes sense though - its kind of hard to find it with your hands on different cats. I've had so many but only a few was it easy to find that place to grip with my hands.

My cat is crazy! I'm think this technique could be good sometimes...but, I have my douts about it

well try this it is not the best and wont make your cats relationship more close but will make it scare and stand in place or just stop by raising your hand so near to its face and fast then at the same time make the sound "hsss" loudly if no reaction try twice or more if not at all then it doesn't work withyou4 kitty

OMG"S it worked, I used clothespins on the back of his head and it stop him from trying to bite me!!!! WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I found that when removing hair mats from cats with either short or longer fur, making sure that the skin isn't cut or nicked accidentally, I insert a fine-tooth comb under the mat just above the skin. You can safely and confidently cut off the mat! It works like a charm.

That is a great tip, thank you. It also worked good on my dogs.

hah! not that surprising, as ive had two vets for myc at, and they both held him by the scruff his neck throughout the exam--more silly than anything; but also, i thikn a large portion of why cats are actually more difficult to train moreso involves their food motivation--I have a cat that is ridiculously human-food motivated, unlike most, and thus i was able to teach im dog tricks (sit, stand, shake/paw, other paw, high fiver, etc.) faster/easier than my labrador

I tried it and he just looked at me like take it off please.

Absolutely fantastic & thank you, my himalayan, just layed down & purred while i shaved a clump of fur out that had started to pull at his skin..

"A few clothespins might actually do the trick"?! What the actual fuck??? Are you mental or just retarded?? If you are into BDSM and enjoy having your nipples clamped, that's your prerogative, but doing this to a cat is just torture! You are sick, twisted and demented individual, Gabrielle Taylor!

How long can this be done for safely ?

Omg this is so cruel. The late I freaked out because I'm sanse. Set handle a couple bites our cat scratches when taking your cats of the vet get over it .No wonder these cats are upset I wouldn't be come if I had known her who it think this was acceptable either. All you people see our animals not souls we put some binder clips and clothes pins on you without your consent disgusting. If you have to do this you're a bad cst partent. Traumatizing abusive I know all about how I mom carry some that's different. like if you have to hit your child you're a bad parent. If you have to resort to this you are ridiculous that you think it's okay you like something in you you obviously see animals and humans not as equals not like they feel.... smh so disgusted right now

How to post here??????????????????????????

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