How To: Make a cat hair cat toy at home

Make a cat hair cat toy at home

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ur cat is crazy!!haha!

i like the cat swiping his setup of toys at 59 seconds.

this might even be categorized as a housekeeping tutorial
it's not like a vacuum cleaner can ever get the sticky mess of cat hair out of the sofa creases anyway

i have 5 cats, so i definitely will be trying this. even though they do llok like regurgitated hairballs.LOL

There is no lack of hair with a Persian...this might interest him!

Isent he the dude from youtube? he and some of his friends made a parody of the "mean kitty song".

crazy cat

Lol dude thats hillarious

cat-people must die (6)



whay is that

oh yes i know you'v been milisted by a cat

ha ha ha ha ha ha

#$%@ off

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