How To: Make a mean cat like you

Make a mean cat like you

Got a nasty cat that you're trying to make nice with? Even though cats can be fickle, they can still be won over. This simple trick will help you win over the neighbor's, friend's or even your own pet cat. Watch this video tutorial and find out how to make a mean cat like you.

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Wow. That cat food must smell! I don't think I'd be able to handle doing that without puking.

Your bear is going to smell like raw fish for weeks. :]

good video....
Share ur thoughts with d world. Shoot a video of u expressing ur viewpoints n upload it in Let d world know what u think!!

That is nonsense, that cat was not afraid of or mean to him prior to his cat food bath, said cat seems very comfortable around him. This video is useless I was looking for help and instead I get a clip of some weirdo rubbing cat food on his face and pretending its useful, if I want a cat that already likes me to lick my face I'll consult this video, but since I'm a cat lover and not a lusting for cats I think I'll refrain. Thanks for wasting my time.

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