How To: Talk to your cat

Talk to your cat

Sure, you talk to your cat now, but does he know what the heck you're saying? And do you understand his purrs and meows? If not, it's time to have a good chat with your furry friend. Watch this video pet care tutorial and learn how to talk to your cat.

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ok info


awsome very helpful just got a kitten

Really sweet..........Wanna have fun visit now.

my cat doesnt meow much even to let me know he has no food in his dish he doesnt say do i get him to talk more?this video didnt help me much

I have two cats and one mews a lot and the other cat only mews when she wants to be fed. I would like to know what cat sounds mean.

Nice vid!
My fathers girlfriend just got 2 cats. I will try it right away :D

very nice video.........
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Heh, I have 3 cats and chat with them all the time, the body language really does helo to learn what they are trying to tell you :)

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