How To: Toilet bowl train your cat

Toilet bowl train your cat

In this video, Julie teaches viewers how to toilet train their cats. This is, to clarify, training to use a human toilet. First, you will have to get your cat acquainted with toilet seats. Take a toilet seat (that is clean) and tape it securely to the top of your cat's litter box. Once your cat is used to that, buy a sitz bath (or a similar-sized container) that will fit under the toilet seat but above the toilet bowl. Fill it with cat litter and wait until your cat is comfortable with using that. When he or she is comfortable, drill or cut a small hole in the bottom of the container (sitz bath, in this video). Do not use litter in the sitz bath any more. Let your cat's urine and droppings fall through the hole, if possible. As your cat uses the container with a hole, gradually make it larger. This can be done once every week or two. Once the hole is so large that your cat's waste is dropping into the toilet directly, they're toilet trained! No more disgusting litter boxes!

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