How To: Train your kittens tricks very easily

Train your kittens tricks very easily

Dr. Yin will show viewers how to properly train kittens simple behavior. The wrong way to train a cat is by putting a collar on it and then attach a chain and yank on it. Instead, you will reward them with good behavior when they occur and never when bad behavior is exhibited. Start when the cat is hungry and offer treats when they obey your commands. Be careful not to reward them when they claw at your hand for the food. To train them to sit, only feed them their food when they're sitting. To train them to come on command, make a certain type of sound and when they come, reward them with food. Do this 20 times a day, and it will reinforce the training. If you're training bad behavior such as climbing forbidden places, call them using the "come here" sound and reward them when they do. Afterward, find another way to entertain them, ie. squeeky toy, chew toy, etc. These are some methods to train kittens/cats according to Dr. Yin.

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